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Winter Roping Camp

Come stay with us this winter and work on your roping while meeting lots of new friends from around the country. We offer a small camp with 12 full hookups. This experience is more laid back and relaxed for everyone. Very personable and we have a really great time hosting everyone!

Rope horses are getting to be pricey commodity these days. If you feel you have a great prospect and want to know where your horse came from and see his training progress give me a call. There are so many rope horses that have major issues these days that starting from scratch often is a better option. If you have a horse you would like started or that needs roped on or just want a better broke horse, bring them to me and let me show you what I can do and turn them into. I know you will be happy. 



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Lessons and Practice
This winter I am starting a new way of coaching and giving instruction. As i will still give lessons to individuals team roping is a team sport so it only makes sense to try to get you and your partner on the same page. With all of the big ropings paying so much and many people always trying to rope with the same person, which I recomend highly, taking coaching lessons together only makes sense. This will be a progression of a few sessions or longer. People always need to be reminded of things they don't always do in there run. We will look at all of your basics and video everything as well. Then anylise these runs with you and talk about what we are doing right and wrong. If you are serious about winning and want to set up a schedule this fall and winter let me know. 



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